Isocra offers a range of courses in object and component technology, from beginners’ courses to advanced masterclasses in analysis, design, architecture and project management. These courses are presented by staff who are experienced practitioners of object technology, not by trainers who only teach. This means that high-quality knowledge is readily available to course attendees should they require information and guidance not specifically covered by a course’s formal structure. Attendees on Isocra’s courses are actively encouraged to apply the course points to their current work situation and discuss any resulting problems with the course presenters. The approach has resulted in the overall excellent responses that the courses generate, some of which appear on the right.
Best course we’ve had so far – Thank you
Alison Gaskin, AIT
The wide knowledge and practical experience of the trainers make the content relevant and realistic
Neil Hughes, AIT
The courses opened up for us a new way of thinking and a new perception
Geoff Te Braake, AIT
The approach was very good (i.e. informal). I especially liked the anecdotal information, clearly based on the experience of the lecturers. The structure of the course was good, with a good balance of lectures to exercises
Jane Muckersie, Logica
I like the practical "This how you can go out and do it" approach, avoiding the tropical rainforests of UML notation and variations, concentrating on the essentials
Patrick Lalor, Logica
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