Isocra has a high level of expertise in many aspects of software engineering and is happy to share this expertise with its clients. We are able to provide expertise at all stages of the software development process, for example:

Technical Consultancy

Isocra has extensive technical expertise in enterprise application design and development using a wide range of technologies, both established and emerging. We offer assistance in all technical aspects of a project lifecycle including technology selection, system analysis, system architecture and user interface design and usability.

Key Personnel

Where there is a pressing need for a development to be undertaken in house, Isocra is able to provide key personnel to aid in that development. We are able to provide experienced project managers and technical architects, either on a full-time or part-time basis as mentors for permanent project staff.

Requirements Gathering

The gathering of requirements is a key stage in the development of any software system. Requirements gathering is a complex area and one which is often performed poorly. Unfortunately mistakes made at this stage will very seriously affect the developed system, and mistakes are costly to rectify. At Isocra we have extensive experience of this very difficult area and are able to help clients to capture and document requirements effectively and efficiently.

Design Reviews

The earlier in the software development lifecycle that problems are found, the less expensive they are to rectify. An ideal mechanism for testing the integrity of a design is to have it reviewed by an external party. Results can then be communicated either in a workshop setting, or in a more formal report. Isocra has extensive experience in this area and has successfully conducted reviews for companies including Quillion and Speedwing.

Process Reviews

The processes followed by a software development team are key to their efficiency and ultimately to the success of the entire development. At Isocra we do not believe that traditional methodologies provide all the answers to the problem of how to develop software. Rather we feel that it is important to develop processes that fit the environment in which the system is developed, while at the same time providing a robust framework in which the project can succeed.

Reviews for Third Parties

We have experience in providing reviews for third parties, in areas such as due diligence and expert witness work. We are able to approach this with the necessary sensitivity to enable a successful outcome to be achieved. IsocraĆ­s reviews have delivered its clients real value by identifying both current and potential problem areas and then suggesting practical solutions.

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