Firefox development toolbar

A friend recently pointed me to a useful development toolbar for Firefox. It’s similar to the development toolbar here but does even more stuff.

You can find the toolbar at

Definitely worth having if you’re working with Firefox (in fact I often use Firefox for debugging Javascript and the like because it tends to be much more helpful than IE!).

xml:space=”preserve” and xsl:attribute

Just a quick tip about xsl which I haven’t found anywhere else…

I wanted to generate some human (well me) readable XML using XSL and found that if you add xml:space=”preserve” to the opening tag, then, at least if you are using Xalan and Java to do the transformation, it will preserve the spaces between the tags in the XSL and you’ll get something more or less readable. Continue reading xml:space=”preserve” and xsl:attribute

Internationalising JSPs

We recently had what sounded like a simple job to do: produce a questionnaire in several languages including Russian and store the results in a MySQL database. Now I could have chosen PHP to produce the questionnaire, but I thought that using Java resource bundles would be the easiest. I knew that using the JSTL fmt: tags we could do fmt:message and pull the messages out of a resouce bundle so all I had to do was get the translators to take the english property file, translate it and hey presto! Java knows about Unicode right into its core, so it would all work wouldn’t it.

How wrong I was! Continue reading Internationalising JSPs

Out on a Limbo

I was reading something about a new OS called Inferno. (See Inferno.)

At first sight it’s an OS designed for ease of building cross platform distributed systems. There’s nothing new in that of course, but it looks like a decent attempt at doing everything in one place. The website’s got “screenshots” on there though which seems a bit odd to me in that it equates “OS” with “user interface” which rather loses sight of the core issue. Continue reading Out on a Limbo

Debugging Javascript in Firefox

I’ve recently been trying to make some of my scripts work with Firefox 1.5 (from IE) and I was looking for some debugging help to set me on the right track. I found this tool which seems to work very well:

It’s an updated version of Venkman fixed to work with Firefox 1.5.

One of the things it helped me find is that whereas in IE if I ask a table cell (TD) for the nextSibling and get the next TD, in Firefox you always seem to get a text node first and then the next TD. Similarly for getting the next and previous rows.

Which jar contains my…

Have you ever had the problem where there’s a class missing and you’ve no idea which jar it might be in? Or been running a Java program and wondered why the implementation of a class doesn’t seem to match what you think, and it turns out that there’s another implementation earlier in the classpath? Or wondered which jar has the properties file you’re looking for?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these question, you might like these little utilities Continue reading Which jar contains my…