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Internationalising JSPs

We recently had what sounded like a simple job to do: produce a questionnaire in several languages including Russian and store the results in a MySQL database. Now I could have chosen PHP to produce the questionnaire, but I thought that using Java resource bundles would be the easiest. I knew that using the JSTL fmt: tags we could do fmt:message and pull the messages out of a resouce bundle so all I had to do was get the translators to take the english property file, translate it and hey presto! Java knows about Unicode right into its core, so it would all work wouldn’t it.

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Which jar contains my…

Have you ever had the problem where there’s a class missing and you’ve no idea which jar it might be in? Or been running a Java program and wondered why the implementation of a class doesn’t seem to match what you think, and it turns out that there’s another implementation earlier in the classpath? Or wondered which jar has the properties file you’re looking for?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these question, you might like these little utilities Continue reading Which jar contains my…